So not everyone is a math person; that’s ok! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t encourage a love of problem-solving in our children. Kids of every age can enjoy using math, logic, and reasoning to construct real-world answers (like helping you balance your checkbook).

The Math Forum (Drexel University)
What could be better than a site that actually has Dr. Math on staff? Ask questions or browse the plethora of math information here. While this site is primarily geared towards paying customers, you can get a free account and a lot of goodies are free (like the Technology Problems of the Week).

Figure This!
Developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and a coalition of other groups, Figure This! is focused on encouraging math learning outside the classroom. Interesting problems are posed and answers are provided. Well worth looking into.

The Math League
The Math League is serious about math; geared towards older students, the Math League offers the one thing that serious students like even more than serious math: serious math competition!


One Response to Math

  1. Nat Bourre says:

    Thanks for this list. I just checked out the “Figure This” site and will bookmark it. It’s so great to see science and math sites that make learning fun. I know we are supposed to reduce screen time for our kids, but if it helps them learn, then I’m a bit more lenient about their screen time.

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